CPAC Pennsylvania

DATE: Sat, September 19, 2020

TIME: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT

Washington County Airport
205 Airport Road
Washington, PA 15301



With less than three months to go before our next presidential election, Democrats are scrambling to disparage, downplay, and mischaracterize our successful policies because they can’t justify their own. Biden may be on the ballot, but America is on the line.

       CPAC Pennsylvania SPEAKERS
CPAC Pennsylvania SPEAKER
Matt Schlapp
ACU Chairman

CPAC Pennsylvania SPEAKER
Charlie Gerow
First Vice Chairman, ACU

CPAC Pennsylvania SPEAKER
Diamond & Silk
D&S Chit Chat Live

CPAC Pennsylvania SPEAKER
Sara Carter
Award-Winning Investigative Reporter

CPAC Pennsylvania SPEAKER
Gordon G. Chang
Author, 'The Coming Collapse of China' and Senior Fellow, ACU Foundation

CPAC Pennsylvania SPEAKER
KT McFarland
Author & Former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor

        STREAM CPAC Pennsylvania

Opening, Pledge, Prayer, National Anthem

The "America vs Socialism CPAC Tour" with Matt Schlapp and Charlie Gerow

America Unplugged How Biden Flips the Off Switch on the Great American Comeback

Making Your Voice Heard: Who Will You Elect in November?

The Unspoken Side Effects of COVID-19

KT McFarland

Leaders Who Listen and are Making a Difference - Part 1

Gordon G. Chang

Leaders Who Listen and are Making a Difference - Part 2

A Conversation with Laurie Cardoza Moore

Sara Carter

A Conversation with Sean Parnell

The Path Forward on Criminal Justice Reform

Diamond & Silk


Labeling us “deplorables” was the initial shot across the bow. Next, they took aim with the Russian collusion hoax and its duplicitous Ukrainian cousin. After that, they weaponized the Wuhan coronavirus.

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As the radical Left attempts to normalize socialized healthcare and put us on a path towards Medicare for All, the time has come for conservatives to take a stand. America faces an unforeseen enemy in the coronavirus, and what is clearer than ever before is that Americans need more options; not fewer. What is the role of the federal government during a healthcare crisis? How do we provide comprehensive care for thousands of America’s veterans who have sacrificed so much? Is there any way to curb Medicare and Medicaid spending yet still provide for lower income Americans? Innovation has always been the American way and here you will find substantive policy discussions on ways we can improve and ensure the health of our nation’s citizens for generations to come.

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