STREAMED 9/21/20 | 3:30 PM EST

Gordon G. Chang and Sean Parnell at CPAC Pennsylvania

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Dan Schneider
ACU Executive Director

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Sean Parnell
Candidate for Pennsylvania's 17th Congressional District

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Gordon G. Chang
Author, 'The Coming Collapse of China' and Senior Fellow, ACU Foundation

        CPAC Minnesota 10/22/20
CPAC Minnesota

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10/22/20 | 5:00 PM EST

We will hold “CPAC Minnesota” on October 22nd to ensure that the socialist, anti-American platform of the Democratic Party can not and will not win in November.



China’s rising geopolitical power threatens freedom around the world, and the tech race is the new space race. China’s new weapons of war could be AI, 5G, and Big Data. Allowing China to win the race to 5G and other technologies could give the Communist regime access to the phones and personal information of users around the globe. How can the United States counter China’s plans for technological – and political – dominance?

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