A Conversation with Ian B. Walters and special guests Mercedes Schlapp & Rob O'Donnell

Nineteen years ago, America endured a deadly attack on our home soil that profoundly affected our lives, our politics, and our culture. Today, we strive to honor the souls of the departed and recognize the courage of so many brave men and women who rose to the occasion in our hour of need.

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Ian B. Walters
ACU Comms Director

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Mercedes Schlapp
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

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Rob O'Donnell
Senior Law Enforcement Media Contributor

        CPAC Minnesota 10/22/20
CPAC Minnesota

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10/22/20 | 5:00 PM EST

We will hold “CPAC Minnesota” on October 22nd to ensure that the socialist, anti-American platform of the Democratic Party can not and will not win in November.



Socialism is more than a failed economic system. It promises “free” material goods but instead delivers control over every aspect of life. Conservatives often struggle to portray the true cost of socialism in terms of freedom and wasted opportunity. For a generation that doesn’t remember the Cold War or the tearful celebration when the Berlin Wall collapsed, socialism’s tremendous personal toll on millions of lives is no longer obvious. The real cost of the socialist system is the disappearance of individual liberty—the space in a free society for people to love, worship, build careers, create art and families. That cost cannot be measured on a balance sheet. Socialism destroys the economy, yes, but also humanity and freedom.

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