5/01/20 | 3:30 PM EST

A Conversation with Vince Coglianese and Sec. Eric Hargan

Sec. Eric Hargan and Vince Coglianese join Matt schlapp to share their thoughts on #coronavirus and how the Trump administration is addressing the economic fallout.


A Conversation with Vince Coglianese and Sec. Eric Hargan

Matt Schlapp

ACU Chairman

Sec. Eric Hargan

Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services

Vince Coglianese

Editor, The Daily Caller


Regulatory State

The Trump administration is fighting a hard battle to rein in the monster that regulation has become in our modern era. Thousands upon thousands of pages of regulations interfere with the lives of millions of American workers, businesses, and property owners, crippling their ability to succeed and their fundamental freedoms. How has the Trump administration hacked back some of the administrative state’s regulatory strangulation?

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As the radical Left attempts to normalize socialized healthcare and put us on a path towards Medicare for All, the time has come for conservatives to take a stand. America faces an unforeseen enemy in the coronavirus, and what is clearer than ever before is that Americans need more options; not fewer. What is the role of the federal government during a healthcare crisis? How do we provide comprehensive care for thousands of America’s veterans who have sacrificed so much? Is there any way to curb Medicare and Medicaid spending yet still provide for lower income Americans? Innovation has always been the American way and here you will find substantive policy discussions on ways we can improve and ensure the health of our nation’s citizens for generations to come.

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