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Steve Scalise

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Archived Episode 6/5/20 | 3:30 PM EST

Episode 21: A Conversation with Ian Walters and special guests Rep. Steve Scalise and Tommy Hicks

Do today’s positive jobs numbers reflect the American economy turning a corner? Should Americans view the encouraging news a sign that we’re on the road to recovery? Is proxy voting even legal? What are the prospects for taking back the House and keeping the Senate? And what can you do to make a difference? Those questions and more on today’s CPAC Live.


Right To Life

Pro-life politicians will always be asked tough questions about their stance by a hostile media. But what questions should we be asking of today’s pro-choice Democratic Party? All but one candidate on the Democrat debate stage have endorsed abortion on demand for all nine months of pregnancy, a position large majorities of the American public find abhorrent. What are the questions the media should be asking pro-abortion candidates?

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