Denise White

Denise White

CEO, EAG Sports Management

EAG Sports Management is the leading management firm for high profile, professional athletes. CEO, Denise White, was ahead of her time when she founded the firm in 1996. Stemming from an acute awareness of the lack of resources and services available to professional athletes, a thriving and widely successful industry was born; and at its helm, Denise White and EAG Sports Management. For two decades, the industry-leading firm has been servicing the PR, marketing, crisis management, personal, and business needs of the biggest names in professional sports.

Though her company has grown at an unprecedented rate over the years, White has maintained her personal, hands-on approach, which many would attribute to the tremendous success that EAG Sports Management has achieved and continues to build upon.

Personally, Ms. White was born a twin to a mother who was mentally ill. She was thrust into the foster care system as a child and eventually was raised by her grandmother. She was Miss Oregon USA 1994 and competed for Miss USA 1994 where she was named Miss Congeniality. In 2018, Denise served on the inaugural Miss USA Selection Committee.

Denise is an avid speaker on the Speakers Network; her topics range from Women’s Empowerment, Sexism, Working in a Male Dominated Industry, Success in the work place, Mental Health Awareness and the Foster Care System.

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