Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper

President, Australian do-tank LibertyWorks and Co-founder, CPAC Australia

Andrew is the founder and president of, a not-for-profit do-tank advocating classical liberal values and policies, and, an annual conference series celebrating our liberty where it exists and plotting to expand it where it doesn’t. He has resolved to help a better, more moral society evolve by peeling back the State’s involvement in our economic and personal lives.

Andrew studied business at the Queensland University of Technology, is a past president of Entrepreneur’s Organisation Brisbane and a director or investor in commercial property and IT startup companies. He’s also an avid microlender/donor to third-world businesses through, a not for profit organisation that empowers small third-world entrepreneurs with interest-free microloans.

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Archived Episode 6/3/20 | 3:30 PM EST

Episode 20: A Conversation with Matt Schlapp and special guests Andrew Cooper and Maj Toure

In this time of self-isolation and social distancing, CPAC is connecting some of the top conservative minds for real conversations #alonetogether on the impact of COVID-19 on our Nation.


Big Tech

The emergence of “woke capitalism,” particularly among powerful technology and social media companies, presents a difficult problem to free-market conservatives. These companies police what could arguably be termed the modern public square, squelching or silencing voices that they deem outside the boundaries of polite debate and making it more difficult for conservative ideas to be heard. But they’re still private companies with the right to control their platforms, and interventions are likely to require the use of government power. How should the conservative movement confront this challenge without abandoning its limited government principles?

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